Direct Brow Lift

This patient’s severe brow ptosis was weighing his eyelids down, making him tired and affecting his ability to see superiorly. After a direct browpexy he felt more awake, was able to see better superiorly and out of the corners of his eyes, and felt and looked younger.

Lateral Lower Lid MOHS Reconstruction

This patient had a right lateral canthal and lower lid carcinoma excised by MOHS technique, after which we reconstructed the eyelid using local skin flaps

Fat & Bone Decompressions for Thyroid Eye Disease

This patient had advanced thyroid eye disease with retracted eyelids and bulging eyes that were painful, red, tearing, and dried out.  This led to fluctuating vision.  She underwent bilateral decompressions in which fat around her eye was removed, as well as parts of the bones around her eyes, with great results.  She then had upper eyelid retractor recessions and bilateral canthoplasties. She now has total relief of all of her symptoms and loves the way she looks.

Mechanical Ptosis Surgery

This patient’s severe dermatochalasis was weighing her eyelids down and affecting her ability to see superiorly, read for long periods of time, and apply makeup.  She underwent bilateral upper eyelid functional blepharoplasties, with care taken to avoid excess skin removal given her prominent brows and deep-set eyes.  Post-operatively she felt less tired and enjoyed the youthful look and contour of her eyelids.

Severe Myogenic Ptosis Surgery

This patient had severe myogenic and aponeurotic ptosis and underwent a bilateral upper lid external levator resection ptosis repair.  She had very minimal excess skin, which was largely left to give her a healthy, full, youthful result

Assymetric Ptosis With Dermatochalasis Surgery

This patient had assymetric ptosis and marked excess skin and subcutaneous fat on both upper eyelids, and underwent a bilateral functional and cosmetic blepharoplasty with ptosis repair on the right side more than the left side.

Ptosis Surgery Without Skin Removal

Pre- and post-operative external photographs of a patient undergoing bilateral upper eyelid external levator resection ptosis repair surgery.  This patient liked the full appearance of his eyelids and wanted very minimal skin removal and fat sculpting.

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