Internal Browpexy

This patient underwent internal browpexies through blepharoplasty incisions, which not only relieved the fullness on her eyelids and asymmetry of her brows, but improved her frontal headaches and straining sensations.

Ptosis repair, blepharoplasty, and ectropion repair

This patient could not see well because of his droopy upper eyelids and excess skin. His eyes were also drying out because of his lower eyelid laxity. He underwent ptosis repair and blepharoplasty of both upper eyelids, and canthoplasty ectropion repair of both lower eyelids, with wonderful results.

Upper Eyelid Recession

This patient had upper eyelid retraction from thyroid eye disease, and was unhappy with her appearance as a result. Her eyes would get dried out as well. Her upper eyelids were lowered through a transconjunctival approach, leaving her pleased with her appearance and more comfortable with her eyes.

Direct Brow Lift

This patient’s severe brow ptosis was weighing his eyelids down, making him tired and affecting his ability to see superiorly. After a direct browpexy he felt more awake, was able to see better superiorly and out of the corners of his eyes, and felt and looked younger.

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